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    The CashBar is being phased out. However, you can still use it.
    • CashBar Navigator
      • The CashBar is a small application you run at the bottom of your desktop.
      • The CashBar rotates banner advertisements once per minute and provides you with access to up to date special offers and deals.
      • Each time an advertisement rotates on the CashBar your account is credited with 20 points.
      • Points accumulate in your CashSurfers account until somewhere between 60-90 days when an audit is performed and they are converted in to earnings.
      • The most recent payrate for CashBar usage was around $0.002 per hour (the payrate varies from month to month).
      • Earnings from points and special deals/offers are combined towards your minimum payment.
      • Once you have a minimum of $20 (US) or $40 (International) you will receive a address payment confirmation email. Once you confirm your address you receive a payment.
      • Address payment confirmation emails are sent out around the 15th of each month.

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